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Whether you are a new graduate or not, finding a job is a tiring and frustrating process. First, you find a job you are interested in, then you submit your resume, and then the wait begins. It may seem like a rare thing, but there are job seekers who never get a call at all. If you are one of them, you know that something is wrong. Since the hiring manager has not laid eyes on you yet, your resume may just not be eligible or interesting enough to catch their attention. The solution? Resume writing services. Although this is a paid service, it is a worthwhile investment that will help jump-start your career.


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Having a polished resume is important in the professional world. Our network of writers offer affordable resume packages based on your specific needs. Get in touch with a resume writer today so you can get a clean, modern resume to help you stand out from the crowd.

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Whitney Matthew

Whitney is a professional resume writer with 12+ years of experience writing resumes, cover letters, and employment documents (interview follow up material). She would be happy to help you take your resume to the next level and truly articulate your value.

Pricing: Flat rate range of $65-$145 - depending upon experience

Location: Fauquier County, Virginia 22712

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