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Career Spotlight: Recruiter

Recruiting employees whose talents are aligned with business goals is critical to the success of an organization. As such, human resources recruiters are highly valued in virtually all organizations and businesses.

In simplest terms, human resources recruiters develop and implement recruiting plans and strategies designed to fulfill company staffing needs.

As part of a human resources team, recruiters (also known as corporate recruiters and internal recruiters) are responsible for leading the staffing efforts of a company and building a strong workforce that adds to the company’s bottom line. These highly skilled and often equally highly educated HR professionals possess knowledge of employment and labor law, have a deep understanding of the organization and its staffing needs, and possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Recruiters will work from resumes or by actively soliciting individuals qualified for positions. A recruiter's job includes reviewing candidate's job experiences, negotiating salaries, and placing candidates in agreeable employment positions. Recruiters typically receive a fee from the hiring employers.

Depending on how they work, there are several types of recruiters. The most important distinction is the one between external and internal recruiters.

External recruiters (also known as independent or agency recruiters) don’t work for a specific company. Instead, they work on their own and recruit employees as needed for clients who hire them.

Internal recruiters work for one specific company only and help them source and hire new employees.

Should you become a recruiter?

If you’re a people-person with great communication skills and a passion for finding great jobs for quality applicants, you have plenty of boxes checked for the position of a recruiter. Even if you don’t have formal HR education – you can start changing the lives of job applicants and companies today.


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