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Discover Life Enterprises, LLC is becoming recognized as one of the industry’s fastest growing staffing agencies. With our network of career counselors, we have the capacity to help you streamline your career. Working with a counselor can spell the difference between feeling utterly lost in the workforce and finding a role that's engaging and fulfilling

We invite you to contact one of our partnered career counselors. They are committed to providing you, our clients, with an experience focused on what you value most.


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If you are going to use a career counselor, be sure to go into it with realistic expectations. Though a career counselor can help get you on the right path, he or she can't magically make the perfect job land in your lap. You'll still need to make an effort to put yourself out there and interview like a pro if you want to get hired elsewhere.

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Black on the Job, LLC

Black On The Job is a network and career development organization for Black people. The founder and mentors work to empower people by helping them find and develop the best version of themselves using proven resume writing, interview, and hiring techniques. This organization is open and available to Black people that need support or guidance negotiating the corporate world.

Pricing: $150-$225

Location: Phoenix, AZ 85065

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Are you interested in joining our network of career counselors? A local listing will market you in a specific city for face-to-face clients. A telehealth e-counseling listing lists you in cities throughout a state or province. This is geared towards an online practice. You control all aspects of your business. We bring you clients and then you take over from there.  Learn more by clicking below.